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Frequently Asked Questions


Are you a Meeting Planner? Here are the questions we receive most frequently. If your question is not addressed here, feel free to contact us at

 01  Do I have to pay a fee to a speaker's bureau?

No. If you contact us directly, we will give you a quote for your event based on the presentation you choose, the length of the presentation, number of guests and travel expenses.




 02  Does Kevin have a set speaker fee?

It depends on your event. Please send us all the details of your event using our Contact Form.




 03  Will Kevin recommend a presentation for me?

Certainly. Just give us the details you know about the event you're planning, including the background of the individuals attending, how many attendees and the industry you serve. You may use our convenient Contact Form.




 04  Can I use video of the event to train others at my company?

That depends on the agreement you make with Kevin. Kevin's presentations are copyrighted material. Sometimes he will agree to being videotaped and making the footage available. Please discuss this with Kevin while making arrangements for your event.




 05  Do you have media material for promotion such as photographs of Kevin?

Yes. Let us know your needs and we will provide high resolution photos as needed.

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